Technology strives to reach in at a stage that will break the frontiers, from manufacturing to retail. Technological development that brings true change must be in lock-step with the state of the industry at the current moment. Technology must address the needs of the consumer diamond market, and solve the problems of diamond producers, traders and retailers. This should help the producers, traders, retailers, and diamond jewellery supplier in Kolkata to deliver to their own customers. And to do that key is data.


The Present Issue: Diamond Provenance and Authenticity


Today, transparency and authenticity are the key areas to the consumer experience. This importance extends to diamonds – to the ability to trace, track and verify a diamond’s origins, from the mine, throughout every stage of manufacturing, the various stages of trading, all the way to the jewelry store and the final buyer. Diamond market is cyclical. Diamonds can be recut, repolished and resold through the years. Along with this, the standard diamond report is no longer considered reliable or trustworthy enough. Hence, an authentic and secure digital provenance is an important factor in the second hand diamond market. With those ensuring safe and authentic transactions every time a diamond is bought and sold. The top diamond wedding jewellery manufacturers in Kolkata are aware of the issues associated with diamond provenance and authenticity. Another issue covered by provenance is the mine from which a diamond is sourced. The rise of lab-grown diamonds has also changed the scenario. Buyers need to be assured that the diamond is natural and not manmade, verifying the source of the mine is critical. In much the same way, the value of an antique, be it any diamond jewellery in Kolkata, is deeply impacted by the ability to verify and prove its provenance. Diamond provenance is the backbone for authentication of a diamond’s story.


Data-Driven Technology: The Key to Diamond Provenance


In the diamond industry, like other industries, data is a key driver of innovation and progress. Be it mined diamond or diamond wedding jewellery in Kolkata, the data enables deep knowledge of the entire diamond pipeline in real time. The development of technologies can deliver true accuracy in diamond manufacturing and grading. Data, and the ability to authenticate data, drives many industries. Data, and the ability to authenticate data, are driving many industries. In future, it will also drive the diamond industry. The capability to access, gather and store data related to diamond will drive the provenance of diamonds in the future.