Technology has completely changed the diamond industry. This has also effected how the diamond jewellery wholesalers in Kolkata work. The types of technologies used today by diamond wedding jewellery manufacturers in Kolkata and gem labs all over the world, such as inclusion mapping, automated rough planning, automated cut grading, and artificial intelligence-based clarity grading, were not even imagined 30 years ago.  In this piece, we’ll focus on 3 diamond grading technologies that have each sparked a revolution in their own right – cut grading, rough planning, and clarity grading.

Cut Grading

Cut grading is the assessment of the cut of polished, which has a direct and vital influence on the diamond’s appearance and value. Cut grade is often get confused with the diamond shape that may be round, emerald, and princess. In fact, cut grade relates to way the facets of the diamond intersect, creating the diamond’s unique dimensions, and proportions.

Rough Planning

Rough planning is the process of planning how to cut and polish a rough diamond in order to maximize the value of polished diamond/s that can be extracted from the rough. How to optimize the cut of the rough diamond will entirely depend on a myriad of factors like size of the rough, the size, type and location of inclusion (natural defects) within rough diamond, current market demands and others.

Clarity Grading

Clarity is one of the 4Cs. It is a system that has been used to assess a diamond’s rarity and value since 1950s. Clarity is a measure and grading of the diamond’s appearance with regards to natural inclusions or blemishes. The defects created within the diamond during natural formation process. Clarity is defined on a grading scale, from Flawless (excellent clarity, without any inclusions), to Included (poor clarity, many inclusions). Clarity plays an important role in determining a diamond’s beauty and quality. It is because the number, type and location of inclusions within the diamond have a significant effect on its visual appearance and of course its monetary value. Traditionally, clarity grade has been determined by a diamond specialist who examines the diamond through a loupe (jeweler’s magnifying glass), and grades the diamond by comparing it to the standard Clarity grading scale.

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